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When I mention Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , ?flavor?, I mean the appeal of the products or services, a company offers, to your basic senses, ( taste, touch Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , feel, sight, etc.).

But, allow me to extend this even further and talk about company appeal as well, for example company ?culture?. Let's get less broad and bring this to you and me. What is our ?appeal? to the public? Do we present a good image, (?flavor?) to the public? Are people impressed with the products and services we offer? Are they presented in a professional manner?

This analysis could be applied to email Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , websites, ads, for that matter, anything the public 'sees? with our name on it. In previous articles, we discussed BRANDING your company.

Included in this process would be BRANDING your image as well. So, when I mention Wendy's Cheap Jerseys From China , for example I see DAVE, the friendly guy who cares about selling good products. When I mention McDonald's I see RONALD, the clown appealing to children.

What does this have to do with the product?

Absolutely nothing.

It was a masterful way of BRANDING a company. Since they both sell basically the same product, what separates one from the other is their ?image?. Dave, the nice guy who wants to provide quality hamburgers and the Ronald, the clown Cheap Jerseys China , who loves kids, in the other case.

Where am I going with this?

I believe it is important to create a business logo, and slogan, to optimize your branding process. Then, it is really important to create your company ?image?. I hope my "image" projects WORK FROM HOME, quality products and services Cheap Jerseys , and a professional image; and, that I have a website you can visit that is reliable and trustworthy.

When you see our logo, that is what I want your vision and memory to recall. Something like "Dave" or "Ronald".

Do you want you image to be a high-powered sales company, or a professional, creative, critical thinker? The ?image? I get in the first case is SPAM Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys , misrepresentation, (tell anybody anything to get it sold), and worthless products and services.

Please, I am not trying to offend anyone. We all need to sell!

But, there is the right way and the wrong way. I prefer the right way. We stand behind ALL products and services, and will NEVER spam anyone at any time.

That is the ?image? I hope you 'see? when our BRANDED name appears anywhere.

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Customer Trust and Power of Virtual Communities Marketing Articles | November 16, 2015

Customer’s trust has always been a key to successful commerce. But if earning clientele’s trust in physical commerce is hard, it’s a challenge in e-commerce and the key to survival of online businesses.

Organizations care for their customers and look forward to build a good relationship and win their trust. Businesses that succeed to win this challenge keep the existing customers for life, and these customers will in turn influence others. ?This is the rule whether in real or virtual businesses.

Today, virtual communities especially on social media networks play a big role in shaping customer trust and spread the word about any business. So Wholesale NBA Jerseys , online businesses that worry about their reputation and invest in building trust take the power of virtual communities in consideration, mainly on social media.

A recently published study has dealt with this issue and how the virtual communities influence trust of online shoppers. ?The study is led by researchers from Faculty of Economics and Management of Tunis, Tunisia and published in Journal of Internet Social Networking & Virtual Communities.

Because of their impact on purchase decisions and customer trust, virtual communities have risen to become one of the marketing tools used by companies to spread the word of mouth about their products and services.

The above-mentioned study stated that “sellers can use the power of virtual communities to gain consumer trust.” In order to reach this objective and generate results “online retailers should improve the perceived utility of the virtual community; the administrators of a virtual community or commonly known as “community?managers” should maximize the wealth of information in the virtual community based on consumer needs and characteristics of the products and services of e-tailers” as expressed in the study.

According to the same research, “virtual communities offer several advantages to e-tailers and opportunities for the interaction with members of virtual communities consumers in this regard…using high technology security, convenience and sociability Wholesale Jerseys From China , a virtual community can meet the requirements of consumers and may increase their trust.”

Researchers stated that “trust is more difficult to build and more critical for online businesses. Consumers are much more cautious about the transmission of personal information on an electronic network. Online transactions are more impersonal, anonymous and automated than offline transactions. This automation of business relationships is also accompanied by advanced design means hacking, data and potential for abuse.”

This impact of virtual communities especially in social media is also highlighted by another study that insisted on social presence as a factor that affect customer’s trust. Researchers explained that “trust in a virtual environment is characterized by unce. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys

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