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So you're committed to going green Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys China , but are you doing all that you can? In this eco-conscious era, most people practice the basics of reducing, reusing and recycling. But there is more you can do around the house to save energy, save money and ultimately save the planet.

The right light: We all know turning off lights when we leave the room can save energy and money. Using the right light bulb will make those savings go even further.

Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights bulbs (CFLs).In addition to using 75% less energy than regular bulbs Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys , CFLs last longer and save you money. You can expect to save about $30 in energy costs over a bulb's lifetime.

Pull the plug: Electric devices, even when they are switched off, still use power. This phenomenon is called "phantom" or "vampire" power. Added together, phantom power from appliances like cell phone chargers Replica Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping , printers, DVD players and flat screen TVs can add 10% to your residential power costs. Yes, that comes from that little light that shows they are ready to be used at your command. Unplug these devices when you're not using them. And don't leave the computer on all night to complete downloads.

Use a power bar: An easier way to combat the "phantom" power menace? Plug appliances into a common power bar. One flick of the switch turns off up to six appliances at once. Some power bars even have "smart" outlets, which will leave selected appliances on while powering down the others that must be kept on.

Wash cold: 90% of the energy involved in doing laundry goes to heating the water. Washing your clothes on cold is one of the easiest ways to cut down on costs and electricity. An added bonus: it keeps your colours brighter as well.

Hang to dry: The other laundry energy sucker? The dryer. Hang clothes to dry outside in the summer time. In the winter Replica Soccer Jerseys For Sale , a simple drying rack in the laundry room will do the trick. Ditching the dryer in the summer alone can save you more than $40.

Plug the leaks: That draughty window in the living room is making your furnace work overtime. A quick trip to the hardware store will get you all you need to fix the problem. The other areas where leaks are common are in faucets and showerheads. Taking the time to tighten them up will save water and money over time. Want added savings? Install low-flow showerheads and faucets while you're at it.

Turn it down: Reducing the temperature on your thermostat by just one or two degrees can save you as much as 15% on your heating bill. Turning down the temperature a little more when you're out of the house goes even further. If you're forgetful, try installing a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature for the time of day.

Plant a garden: Even small plants can save you several trips to the grocery store as well as the fossil fuels burned in transporting food. In the summer, it's easy to sprinkle a few seeds to grow your own veggies. A few simple herbs like chives, parsley and mint practically grow themselves. Add a couple of lettuce plants for a complete DIY salad in your own back yard. Dear Friend Replica Soccer Jerseys Sale ,

You #1 weapon in advertising will always be...

Superior Salesmanship.

I am not a born salesman.

If you know my story, I didn't even have a word of the English language on my lips when I first moved to North America. (Even now, my spoken English is not all that great and it comes with an accent that would put Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jackie Chan to shame.)

No, I wasn't born to sell. I had to learn selling... the HARD way: making embarrassing mistakes Replica Soccer Jerseys From China , blowing deals right and left, losing clients... and going to outrageous extremes trying to identify the world-class salesmen who would teach me the way to do things right.

Well, it's taken a few years... quite a few years, I'll admit Replica Soccer Jerseys China , but now I've identified the "tricks of the trade" of selling.

Tricks of the Trade #1 - People don't like to be sold

That's right! Although every year, trillions of dollars worth of goods and services are bought and sold -- billions through the mail alone -- people actually don't like the IDEA of being sold.

What they DO like is the idea of OWNING the product, or taking advantage of the service that is being sold.

Look at the people in your own life -- friends, family Replica Soccer Jerseys , or business colleagues. Many of them, no doubt, love to buy things. (My girlfriend has a "black belt" in shopping) But I'll bet that none of them like to be sold.

In fact, with most people Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping , if you try to sell them something, they'll become resistant. It's a natural response to perceived pressure.

In fact, selling may turn-off a prospect who was ready to buy. So if you can't SELL, what you can do is TELL. In order to tell you about my product or service:

I get your attention...

I build rapport with you...

I explain what's in it for you...

I tempt you by appealing to your emotions...

I create a verbal picture that teases your desires...

I demonstrate how my stuff can easily solve your problems...

I can prove to you that there're a lot people just like you who have bought and are very happy with my stuff...

I make you an absolutely irresistible offer...

I describe a deal where you risk nothing Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys For Sale , and yet stand to gain a great deal...

I handle every single one of your objections...

This is exactly what you've gotta do when you're writing a sales letter. Don't apply pressure and don't bully your prospect with force. Use a little finesse instead. Don't force it -- romance the hell out of it.

If you TELL you, I don't have to SELL you... you'll sell yourself!

(And that's killer salesmanship, my friend!)

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