What kind of "sweating hands" are dangerous - abnormal?
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Autor:  jiraporn66 [ 17 Abr 2020 06:05 ]
Asunto:  What kind of "sweating hands" are dangerous - abnormal?

If talking about symptoms "Sweating hands". Many people would immediately think of heart disease because they may have heard it. But in reality, the more sweating the hand area Without relation to hot weather, stress or exercise May be an abnormally heavy sweating (Hyperhidrosis) caused by sweat glands and autonomic nervous system (Autonomic nervous system) that controls sweat glands malfunctions. The symptoms of sweating are very abnormal. It usually occurs in specific areas. May occur in the area of the hands, feet or armpits, sweat, which is unusual design, we all have sweat. However, if sweating in the following ways may be considered abnormal, sweating is noticeable. Even on a hot day No symptoms of excitement or stress And does not occur while exercising, sweating is not the time to sweat so much that the effect is felt Or create problems For daily use and work. Some people may sweat a lot, especially around the hands Until writing books or not arranging things Shaking hands with anyone is not sure. >> SLOTXO

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