Include reasons why you should have sex every day
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Autor:  jiraporn66 [ 15 Abr 2020 06:11 ]
Asunto:  Include reasons why you should have sex every day

Sex makes you happy, of course. Just, how can you not be happy? But did you know that every time you finish the body releases a substance called oxytocin, making you happy, relaxed and able to reduce stress. If you want your sweetheart to feel satisfied Try to rub along her body after finished. Certainly sure you can sleep more comfortably. How can he be so exhausted that he can't sleep? Because after having sex will make you feel more relaxed and sleep better. The body of oxytocin will help reduce tension, inhibit wakefulness in the body, resulting in full sleep, wake up, burn. In the body as well In men, it can burn up to 418 kilojoules in 25 seconds, so you can say that the longer you have sex, the better you burn, the happier you work. Anyone who is stressed from work recommends finding a girl now, because every time you finish having sex, your body will release substances that make you happy. Because research has already been done that sex at night Before going to work will make it more likely to enjoy working more How much work, how much work is still possible. >> รีวิวสล็อตออนไลน์

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